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Friday, 28 January 2011

The devils in the detail

So yesterday went to pot when my step daughter came down with laryngitis. 

However I did manage to get all day today to myself. Tyche is almost done now that I have added a bit of depth, some rim lighting and worked up the details. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hands down

Heres the results of my sketching yesterday. Fortuna finally has human hands - yay!

Don't bite the hand(s) that feeds you.

I wrote this post on Monday and forgot to publish here it is now.

Monday! Oh how I love Mondays! The twins go to preschool in the morning so I get THREE WHOLE HOURS to myself. They are the only 3 hours that I get each week so they are sooo precious.  I almost always draw unless something goes horribly wrong (which actually happens horribly regularly in this house. 

This week is extra special because I also have a week off work, which means I also have 5 hours on Thursday and Friday to myself. Sheer, utter bliss. 

Not that I will be lanquishing about in my pyjamas. I can't remember the last time I was able or willing to do that. 

No, I will be dedicating this rare opportunity to finishing off my girls, Fortuna and Tyche, and sending them off with a couple of other existing pieces to the flash people. I am actually losing faith that they might be interested in representing me, but I will see it through none the less. 

So today I got some sketching done. Sketching is my nemesis. I dread it. I know - before anyone gives me a lecture - if I can't sketch I can't call myself an artist. I can sketch and I actually really enjoy it once I get going I just hate starting a sketch for some reason. Its that whole blank page thing. 

Well it was a case of having to today as I desperately needed to get Fortunas' hands sorted as she was looking decidedly crippled before. 

So I spent a pretty satisfying couple of hours with Katy Perry, Rihanna, my sketchbook and webcam. Although I had to play with the proportions quite a lot as I have been very unfairly dealt with the hands of a carpenter (short and stubby) not in the least ladylike or pin up appropriate.  

They are not great sketches by any standard and as you can tell a had a few false starts (and finishes for that matter) but they served the purpose of helping me get the perspective right and get my head around the general structure. But hands are a bitch to draw regardless.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pinup WIP #2

This is Tyche (cropped version) - my personal favourite
and the girl that has taken the longest to draw so far. 

I hope to have her and Fortuna finished in the next week or so as I intend to submit them to the flash companies and see if anyone is interested in taking my work on. 

Unfortunately everytime I look at her I see something else wrong. *sigh*


First WIP

Please give a warm welcome to Fortuna 

She is the least finished of the three pieces that I am working on right now and slightly more cartoony although that could change when I start properly rendering her. 

I have been accused of being too realistic with my work so the aim is to keep her loose. 

This is cropped version as all of my WIPs will need to be as I am unsure where I when I need to sell the flash sheets if there are copies of them all over the internet. 

I know that her hand (both of them in fact) need work. They will be my next challenge before adding any more colour.

Well hope you like. Feel free to criticise I am not easily offended and would welcome all and any advice.

Faye (@bezfaery)

Pin up chronicles

Welcome !!! I am Faye (aka Bezfaery or Billberry - depending on where you look) Okay I have been putting this off for some time. It turns out I am quite shy when it comes to blogging. Who knew?

So I am here because as my profile states I am attempting to create a set of pin up tattoo flash sheets before September 2011. I know that sounds like plenty of time doesn't it? 8 months? "How long do you need?!" I hear you ask.

Well that is why I am here. I am horribly afflicted with severe perfectionism and intermittent chronic self doubt, which tend to result in periods of artistic paralysis.
Oh yeah and I am mother to four kids (12, 6 and 4 year old twins if you're interested), two dogs and a part time job. The purpose of this blog therefore is, firstly, to chronicle my progress for my own purposes, so I can see how far I have come.

Secondly, to appeal for support and encouragement from others to help me keep the momentum going.

Don't worry I am actually a very positive person so don't expect pages upon pages of negativity and attention seeking - that ain't how I roll.

I will attempt to update regularly(ish) with works in progress rather than hiding them away until I am 100% happy with every miniscule detail (which is my usual tactic). I will no doubt discuss music a bit too as that is my main source of inspiration and often the only tool capable of getting my arse back at the drawing board
. It seems only right and fair to give credit.

Below are some of my previous artworks to give you something to look at. They are not all pin ups and some of them are tattoo design commisions.
Also these span about 7 years of work and I am not 100% happy with all, if any, of them, but I am aiming to keep this blog honest.

The stuff I am working on now is pretty different to these though. I will post some WIP's as soon as I get a chance (i.e. when the kids are in bed)


I haven't got used to posting pictures on here yet so I apologise if they are small or low quality. I will repost them later if need be.

And if you got this far...Thank you for reading