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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Work in progress

I am working on 2 images at the moment my newest guy, a hot rock god type......and this, which is a gift for a friend who suffers with Vitiligo (a condition which results in areas of skin that lose their pigmentation) and asked for a tube to raise awareness of this condition

This is the value sketch I am about 50% through the colouring process right now so shouldn''t take too much longer. I also have a couple of surprises which I hope will really get the message across :)

Hope you like it so far Sarah


Friday, 3 June 2011

Been busy, busy, busy....and poorly :(

It's 11 pm so I'll keep this brief. 

I have completed two new pieces since I last came on here.....and look at how beautiful my new clothes are.

Thanks so much to sexy amazing friend and demon blog designer Dark Angel. Feel free to stalk her

Be nice to her though or I'll whoop ya ass. LOL

Please meet Eos, Goddess of Dawn, Nyx's opposite.

And Apollo, God of ......hotness....LOL. Due to illness I didn't get round to researching this one very thoroughly but who cares anyway really....just look at him and tell me you care what he may be God of....

Well Eos is already available at

And those wonderful people have also started doing prints so you can get her on 8 x 10 aswell. 

Apollo is coming soon....phnar phnar 
Bedtime for me now 
Sleep tight all