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Monday, 21 February 2011

Nearly ready to send

I haven't had much chance to update this blog what with kids being ill then getting man flu, but thankfully I have managed to get some drawing done.

So here is a detail update of Fortunas stocking skirt and stomach. Her stocking were supposed to be white and her skirt blue but I wasn't happy with how the overall colour scheme was looking so I changed things a bit.

Pretty happy so far just need a bit more depth on the skirt and more highlights on the stockings and some tidying up.

I am not too concerned with it being absolutely perfect as this one will be sent to the flash supplier as a work in progress anyway. Just need to get it to the stage where they can get a good idea of my style.

How much I will get done this week is debatible as it is half term. A house full of kids is not really condusive to drawing I'm afraid.
Monday, 7 February 2011

Spoke too soon

So as usual whenever I make rash declarations about completing projects the mischeivous gods of motherhood start to rub their hands together gleefully.

This time they took it upon themselves to ensure that I never consider making any plans ever again (or at least for the next 14 years) and struck the twins down with flu.

The poor little mites have spent the last seven days alternating between fever and coughing fits. I have been a nervous wreck as Chunk (my endearing nickname for the larger, dominant twin) has asthma which is triggered by viruses.

So suffice to say I haven't been able to draw at all since my last blog. Thankfully they are now over the worst of it and Squiggle (the little, bonkers twin) even went to pre school today. Her sister however grasped the opportunity to squeeze a few hours alone time with Mummy and declared herself far too ill to go.

I did get a few hours this evening at last and cracked on with fortunas shirt and hair so the end is in sight.
Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Face done (I think)

Okay so I had my usual child free 3 hours yesterday while the twins were at pre school so managed to get Fortunas face completed. Although I have discovered that when I put these progress pics out there for public view any mistakes become very obvious.

I guess its a similar reaction to flipping the image. Or more likely that I am just more self critical.
Before uploading this image I am pretty pleased with it. No doubt I will be reworking it by lunchtime though heh.