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Thursday, 24 March 2011

They replied!! and back to the drawing board :)

Yay!! I got a reply from the tattoo flash suppliers that I submitted my work to.  Plus some really useful, constructive feedback

The verdict?? Some bad, some good.

Basically they do not accept digital artwork because it does not accurately represent what a tattoo would look like on the skin. Fair comment.

Thankfully I had also sent some of my sketches and pencil drawings, because they are interested in seeing more traditional work and have suggested I resubmit again.

I am really pleased with that outcome. Of course I would have loved for them to have fallen over themselves to buy my work straight off but in reality that was never going to happen. Hey can't blame a girl for day dreaming he he.

I am just soooo happy that they like my work enough to want to see more.

However, this means that the girls I had been working on for this purpose are not suitable which is a shame but not effort wasted as I had been considering working them up so that I could try selling them as illustrations on RedBubble or deviantArt or similar.  They will go on the back burner for a while so that I can work on some new girls to submit but thats fine.  It also means that I can finally show you guys the full pictures instead of just cropped versions.  See below........ Please let me know what you think. Its getting real lonely round here

I am really looking forward to drawing with a pencil again.  I do love working digitally because of the flexibility but I miss the satisfaction of traditional art.  So back to the drawing board....... literally

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wish me luck

I have done the deed and finally posted my submission to the tattoo flash supplier for their consideration.

Despite the fact that the girls were ready to send of about 3 weeks ago I have only just managed to get them printed and a letter of introduction printed.

I won't bore/disgust you with the details but suffice to say that I have had a very frustrating and painful few weeks. I reached the point yet again where I was close to giving up drawing altogether.  I get so fed up with trying to desperately juggle all of my responsibilities and my art is the lowest priority.

However I have picked myself up again and got those lovely ladies in an envelope. They went in the post box 30 mins ago so now the waiting begins.

I really wish I could post the full images on here instead of just cropped versions but until I know where I stand I can't risk it.

I will now spend some time finishing Fortuna and Tyche and make a start on the other girls in the series. Plus some other work that I have promised to friends - a portrait of an alsatian, a picture of my friend downhill biking and a pin up commision.  All have been started but never finished and if nothing else I need to alleviate some guilt for making my dear friends wait so long. I will at least be able to post those pictures here.

So fingers crossed for the safe arrival of my girls and that they will impress enough to get me the gig.  I know a few people don't approve of what I am doing because I am not a tattooer and therefore not considered qualified to design tattoo flash but wish me luck just the same, yeah?