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Thursday, 24 March 2011

They replied!! and back to the drawing board :)

Yay!! I got a reply from the tattoo flash suppliers that I submitted my work to.  Plus some really useful, constructive feedback

The verdict?? Some bad, some good.

Basically they do not accept digital artwork because it does not accurately represent what a tattoo would look like on the skin. Fair comment.

Thankfully I had also sent some of my sketches and pencil drawings, because they are interested in seeing more traditional work and have suggested I resubmit again.

I am really pleased with that outcome. Of course I would have loved for them to have fallen over themselves to buy my work straight off but in reality that was never going to happen. Hey can't blame a girl for day dreaming he he.

I am just soooo happy that they like my work enough to want to see more.

However, this means that the girls I had been working on for this purpose are not suitable which is a shame but not effort wasted as I had been considering working them up so that I could try selling them as illustrations on RedBubble or deviantArt or similar.  They will go on the back burner for a while so that I can work on some new girls to submit but thats fine.  It also means that I can finally show you guys the full pictures instead of just cropped versions.  See below........ Please let me know what you think. Its getting real lonely round here

I am really looking forward to drawing with a pencil again.  I do love working digitally because of the flexibility but I miss the satisfaction of traditional art.  So back to the drawing board....... literally